About More Than a Job

Hello, I’m Career Coach Oten!

When I went to Columbia University, I only had two goals in mind: live it up in New York and secure a salaried position before graduation (Okay?! Your girl likes to travel).

Too bad my classes didn’t teach me how to make money; they just taught me how to discuss philosophy until my lips were numb.

So I had to take matters into my own hands which meant scouring google, poring over recycled resumes of upperclassmen, and praying (a whole lot) to understand what would make me an ideal candidate for corporate America. I applied for my dream internship at my dream company and was rejected! I guess that research didn’t do much for me, lol.

Me? A girl with a high GPA, leadership positions, and undeniable Libra charm? Little did I know that grades and extracurriculars are not what guarantees you a job.

Understanding your value and demonstrating your impact does. (Please use cursive font for this section)

I applied to my dream internship again the following year, but this time I was equipped with knowledge from industry professionals who taught me how to become the ideal candidate for the role, show recruiters my value, and brand myself as a competent professional. And would you look at that: I got the job!

From working at the career center at Columbia University’s Business School to being a project manager, auditor, and management consulting at some of the largest investment banks in the world, navigating the corporate world is a lane I am cruising in.

Finding your dream job isn’t about going to the best school or even being incredibly experienced. It’s about knowing your strengths and having the best strategy to position yourself in roles meant for you. This is how I have helped my clients not only land their dream jobs but also learn how to manage their dream income.

Let me help you level up your life!

My Career Story

Growing up the daughter of Nigerian immigrants, my parents gave me everything I needed to be successful: sending me to a good school, instilling the importance of education; and telling me to become a doctor, lawyer or engineer.

Though my first jobs were nowhere near that– working as a barista at Dunkin Donuts, swiping ID cards in college dorms, and marketing for a start-up real estate firm– I knew I wanted more for myself, I just didn’t know how to get there. I knew I had to secure the best job possible because after graduating, I knew I couldn’t depend on my parents for financial help. My financial stability was in my hands.

Fueled by that pressure, I applied for my dream job as an HR analyst at Goldman Sachs my sophomore year of college and was rejected. How could I, a girl with a 3.7 GPA and Ivy League pedigree get rejected from my dream role at my dream company in my dream city? Easy, I wasn’t prepared to work there. I wasn’t prepared to speak the language they spoke. I wasn’t prepared to present myself as an ideal candidate, though I was performing well in my classes and in my on-campus extracurriculars.

After researching what it took to get an internship at Goldman Sachs, I realized I had been doing my search wrong. Instead of relying on myself and google to get a job, I started to rely on career training programs. These programs taught me how to network, how to pitch my story and my skills, and how to tailor my resume to just about any job to which I applied.

I began my internship in Internal Audit at Goldman Sachs and the following summer was offered a full-time role. Again, this full-time offer to work after graduation did not come from my own frantic google searches; instead, it came from me leveraging the knowledge of people who had worked at every brand-name institution you could imagine. After I secured my full-time offer, I felt it was my duty to help my friends and family do the same. Equipped with experience and knowledge of securing a job that provided me security, I wanted to share my knowledge with others. I began reviewing resumes, mapping career options through the job search, and preparing people for interviews.

I then went on to get my dream job as a project manager then as a management consultant at UBS, which brought me closer to my calling. But still, I felt something was missing. How could I leverage my networks to get my dream job, yet know so many others who couldn’t do the same? How could I sit on so much career knowledge and not use it to reach a more diverse audience? Though I had coached friends and family in getting their dream jobs, I knew my advice could be useful in larger audiences, so they too could feel the joy I feel when going to work and knowing I’m in control of my career.

So, now you know my story. You know my obsession with finding the perfect job for me began as a first-year college student who knew she had to hustle if she wanted to feed herself post-graduation. You know my passion for career coaching started with helping friends and family, yet blossomed into reaching more people. You know my deep love of mentoring and empowering people to believe in themselves and turn that self-belief into dream job offers. And now, I’m interested in learning your story and helping you secure the job of your dreams.

Any job, career change, increase in salary, and dream is possible! After all, it’s More Than a Job. It’s your life!

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