Frequently Asked Questions

Will working with you get me a job?

Working with More Than a Job will help demystify the complicated job search process. I will help you present yourself better so employers are more attracted in interviewing and hiring you. I will help you present your experiences better in your resume to help you show your value. However, I cannot guarantee my services will provide you with a job, since your outcome is determined by the work you put into the program. I am here to empower you to get the job of your dreams, but you getting a job is ultimately up to you.

I’m new to the corporate world. Are you services for me?

My services are for people who want to land well-paying positions in the corporate world. Past clients I’ve helped have joined tech companies, corporate law companies, and finance companies. Past clients have landed positions to be data analysts, business analysts, sales analysts, account managers, paralegals, auditors, accountants, and administrative assistants. If you’re looking to start your career in the corporate world, More Than a Job is for you!

I’m not sure what I’m interested in. Do you help people who aren’t sure of their path?

Yes! I offer a free Clarity Call where we discuss your needs and how I can serve you. From there, we can determine which package best fits your needs. If you require a more in-depth exploratory call where we map your interests to possible career paths you can book the Coaching Call service.

How often do you meet with your clients?

Ideally, I would meet with my clients at least twice: once during the Clarity Call so I can understand how to meet your needs and again during an Interview Prep or Coaching Session.

How long should someone work with you?

Ideally, I would be working with you each step of the way in your job search. This means you are free to email me with questions along the way after I have done a resume revamp, interview prep, or coaching session with you. If you require more involved assistance, please email me with your request and we can work out how I can best support you.

What makes you different? Why More Than a Job?

More Than a Job’s mission is to empower people to find the best job for them. The best job for them that encourages people to use their gifts, to be paid well, and to expand. More Than a Job helps you find your how. Everyone wants to be paid well and have a great job, but how does someone get there? How does someone brand themselves well enough to impress employers and get that job? I am different from competitors because I have done the research and been trained on how to brand yourself, resume, and Linkedin to optimize your job search. I use research-driven strategy to drive results in improving your career. After all, it’s more than a job! It’s your life!

How long does it take to get resume feedback?

Due to the nature of the research and labor that goes into revamping a resume, please allow for 10 business days for a Resume Revamp. In the meantime, if you have questions about your resume, you can email me. If you need your resume faster, you may be subject to a rush fee.

Are there refunds?

Due to the nature of the service and the time spent in coaching or developing a resume, I am not able to offer refunds. However, I work to ensure you are satisfied with your end product, so if you have any concerns, you will be able to email me and I can make changes to your resume or action plan within reason.

What service is your most helpful?

All of them! Lol. But seriously, whatever you’re looking for specifically will help determine what service to book. I encourage all clients to book a Clarity Call with me, so I can understand how to help you. The Resume Revamp is for a person whose resume needs a facelift, a complete revamp, and a complete new look. It’s for a person who wants to get noticed by recruiters and not rejected by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that rejects over 70% of resumes. The Interview Prep is for the person who already slayed their resume and networking, but needs additional help in nailing their interview. Most applicants don’t make it to the interview stage, so this stage is the most important in determining if you land the job. The Coaching Call operates like the clarity call where I understand your career needs; however, I add a targeted action plan for next steps to achieve your dreams whether it’s giving resume/Linkedin pointers, suggested jobs that match your skillset, or advice on how to cold-message people on Linkedin. Lastly, the Coaching Call + Resume Revamp is, in my opinion, the best service since it offers you the most support! This service takes you through the job search journey from start to finish. This service takes you from a coaching call to understand your career needs, to suggesting different job types that would suit your skills, to improving your resume and Linkedin and getting noticed by recruiters.

I hope all your questions were answered! If you have any additional questions, feel free to email me at info@morethanajob.co. I look forward to working with you soon!