What Clients Think About My Work

“My experience with working with More Than a Job has been one filled with gratitude. She was able to help me maximize my experiences to better produce a resume which I was satisfied with. A week after working with More Than a Job, I was able to use my resume to land a job at Google!”

-Chidera J, Associate Account Strategist at Google

“I had the lovely opportunity to meet Oten May 2018 when she agreed to help me prepare for my interviews. Because I was interested in pursuing a career in Risk, Compliance or Internal Audit within financial services, she was the perfect resource. She graciously reviewed my resume and suggested areas where I could further detail my strengths and skills. She was also very helpful in running through several mock behavioral and technical interviews with me, catering each session to questions that she anticipated my interviewers would ask based on her own experiences.Following our session, she sent me several resources to prepare for difficult technical questions. I had two Super Days with large well-known bulge bracket banks the following week and I was extended an offer from both! Without Oten‘s support and sessions, I do not think I would have secured those offers for Summer 2019 Analyst positions – a year and a half in advance of my start date!This Summer, I was in a rotational program mostly working with operations and global technology within the investment bank, and I utilized all of the skills and techniques she taught me!”

- Anna A., Analyst at JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs

“After receiving career consultation services from Oten, my resume was selected by a major law firm to serve as a Legal Assistant. I had no corporate experience whatsoever before applying, so Oten also showed me how to comport myself for an interview in the corporate world. Her tips on attire, interview etiquette, and poise were crucial. Her feedback on my resume gave me the confidence in my skill set, despite having no legal experience prior, and showed me the through-lines between all workspaces. Oten’s taught me that any job is attainable if you know your worth.”

- Kevin S., Legal Assistant at Litigation Firm

“I’m a college student, soon to be a sophomore, who was having a lot of trouble getting my mind and documents together so I could find a job. Career Coach Oten not only helped me with some of the more cut and dry aspects of job searching, such as editing resumes, but also helped to give me lessons that helped me learn the steps that I should take to maximize the opportunities that I could have. She also taught me how to market myself much better, one of many tips that can take you from someone who’s confused and doesn’t know how to begin chasing your dreams to someone confident in their abilities. Give Career Coach Oten a shot! You’ll be happy with your results.”

- Ene I., Sophomore in College

“Before my first in-person interview, Oten looked over my resume, cover letter, and the job description provided by the organization and offered points of consideration to take into my interview. She gave me suggestions about my word choice, tone, and clarity. During the interview, I was able to take her advice into account and make clear to my interviewers that I understood the structure of the organization and that I had the skills to carry out the work effectively. My interview was successful and I was offered the position shortly after!”

- Mia K., Accountant at Non-Profit Organization

“Thank you so much for your resume help! I never knew the right way to build my resume, but you were able to highlight my past experiences in a way that truly made me shine! I received an interview immediately after using your services, and I will be back for more career coaching!! I am overall very pleased and happy to recommend you to all friends and colleagues who may need help getting to the next level of their career goals!”

- Ogo N., Associate at University’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion

“Coach Oten was highly instrumental for me in securing my first job after college. During our consultation, she listened intently to my ambitions and showed keen interest in helping me make a step towards them. She has a great eye for detail and a
deep understanding of navigating the corporate world, and utilized these skills to help me edit my resume in a way that effectively drew out my skills and experiences. I landed a position in an intellectual property law firm and loved my time there. It truly would not have been possible without Oten! She was with me at every step of the application process.”

- Bella A., Paralegal at Intellectual Property Law Firm

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